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Read about our adventures as we explore California's coast and Channel Islands National Park!

What’s included in a Channel Islands Tour?

When you book a tour with us on the Channel Islands, we provide all the items you’ll need for a great time including a paddle, kayak, helmet, PFD, paddle jacker, wetsuit and water clogs.

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Sea Cave Kayaking in Channel Islands National Park

Planning a Trip to Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island

Headed out to Santa Cruz Island in Channel Islands National Park? Check out Scorpion Anchorage! Scorpion Anchorage has numerous hiking trails, a close-by campground, snorkeling in a kelp forest, and best of all sea cave kayaking! Scorpion Anchorage is located eastern Santa Cruz Island and is one of the most popular destinations in Channel Islands…

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Spring in Channel Islands National Park

Wildflower season is upon us! While we haven’t received much rain in 2020 at Santa Cruz Island, December was the bulk of the rainy season. Take a look at the flowers that have been blooming near Prisoners Harbor in Channel Islands National Park this year.

Visiting the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Often referred to as the Galapagos of North America, the Channel Islands are rich in wildlife and cultural resources, and are thus worthy of protection. Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS), which is a federal entity through the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Ocean Service protects 1,470 square miles of ocean waters around…

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Advice from an Island Scrub Jay

While visiting Santa Cruz Island, you may have the unique opportunity to meet an island scrub jay, one of the Channel Island’s many endemic species. Island scrub jays are unique in that they are bluer and bigger than their mainland counterpart. What really goes on inside an island scrub jay’s head? They may think: “Why…

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Blue Parks Award

Recently the Marine Protected Areas around the Northern Channel Islands have received the Blue Parks Award.

Park*D Feature in Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands Adventure Company had a special guest, Abby Hornacek, last fall. The exclusive show, Park*d on Fox Nation, features Abby exploring some of America’s most beautiful national treasures. Abby joined Channel Islands Adventure Company for a hike to Cavern Point with breath taking views and an adventurous sea cave kayaking through Elephants Belly Cave.…

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Visual Guide to Santa Cruz Island

Curious about where to go and what to do on Santa Cruz Island? We’ve put together an easy guide to help plan your trip to Channel Islands National Park.

Planning a Trip to Prisoners Harbor on Santa Cruz Island

Headed out to Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park?  Check out Prisoners Harbor! Prisoner’s Harbor is more secluded in comparison to Scorpion Anchorage offering a completely different experience for Channel Islands National Park guests. Prisoners Harbor is located midway along the North shore of Santa Cruz Island. It is on the border…

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