About Us

Since 2010 our team has been leading tours and exploring the waters of Santa Cruz Island, taking tens of thousands of visitors kayaking in the island waters and sea caves.

Our mission is to inspire a love of nature and our community by empowering all people through exceptional guided experiences.

Founded by Michael Cohen in 1998, Adventure Company has been family owned and operated from the beginning. Michael comes from a strong background in river running, expedition sea kayaking and environmental education and he has surrounded himself with a group of like minded passionate, adventurous and eco-conscious staff.

Our guides are some of the best outdoors men and women in the business, coming for a variety of leadership backgrounds. We know that your guide is the most important part of your trip and we go above and beyond to train our guides to the highest level. Our guides have an intimate knowledge of Santa Cruz Island and the Channel Islands National Park, spending hundreds of days camping on the island each year. We have a deep love of the islands and fill all of our trips with insights into many island topics from the delicate balance of marine ecosystems to the history of human in habitation of the islands.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship goes far beyond sharing these amazing natural places with our guests and building lasting connections. We focus heavily on sustainable purchasing, tracking and reducing waste, using solar energy, yearly volunteer clean ups and conserving water.

Excellence in customer service and safety is our top priority and we work diligently to provide clean and comfortable equipment and ensure your day is a great one from start to finish. We welcome suggestions and actively track our customer satisfaction. We are also proud to be ranked highest of all outfitters in our area on TripAdvisor and many other review sites.

Founder Michael Cohen with his wife Suzanne and sons Blake and Aidan

Founder Michael Cohen with his wife Suzanne and sons Blake and Aidan

Our Hard Working Guides

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