Spring in Channel Islands National Park

Wildflower season is upon us! While we haven’t received much rain in 2020 at Santa Cruz Island, December was the bulk of the rainy season. Take a look at the flowers that have been blooming near Prisoners Harbor in Channel Islands National Park this year.

Silver Lupine with a view of the pier at Prisoners Harbor.

While kayaking is our favorite adventure on the island, there are plenty of other activities to do such as hiking to see wildflowers and island foxes or having a picnic at Prisoners Harbor.

Lemonade Berry in bloom.

A short walk after kayaking with us can provide many opportunities to see wildflowers while they are in bloom.

Giant Coreopsis in bloom near the pier at Prisoners Harbor.

There are many different colors popping for just a short time! Last year’s super bloom gave us high expectations for this year, but due to the lack of rain we don’t expect the bloom to last very long.

Pacific Pea

The Pelican Trail is a great option to see a variety of wildflowers and with a naturalist from Island Packers, they will happily identify as best they can!

Toyon berries.

There’s even more to see while on your visit to Channel Islands National Park! Check out the animals you may see on your visit while hiking or on the boat ride over.

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