What’s included in a Channel Islands Tour?

Gear + Equipment for Kayaking

When you book a tour with us on the Channel Islands, we provide all the items you’ll need for a great time. We also have recommendations for what to bring kayaking (and what not to). Here are all the items we have ready to go in all sizes when you arrive:

  • Mandatory Gear/Equipment:
    • Paddle
    • Kayak (doubles and singles)
    • Helmet
    • Personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Optional Gear:
    • Paddle jacket
    • Wetsuit
    • Water clogs
    • Dry bags (for necessary medications or medical devices)

You can read more information on how you should dress for kayaking here and about weather at the Channel Islands National Park here.

What is provided on your Channel Island Kayak Tour
We have what you need for kayaking!

Storage for your Belongings

We have ample storage bins for the items you bring with you to the island, but don’t need on your kayaking tour, such as your picnic lunch, hiking boots, towel, extra change of dry clothes, and your Pokémon card collection. Our storage areas are secure from the wily ravens and foxes that abound at Scorpion Harbor. We also have plenty of storage room for those of you who are camping.

Don’t Forget to Pack Lunch and Snacks for your Island Adventure Day!

While Island Packers Ferry Co. does serve food on their boats, you will have many more options for a nourishing meal if you pack a picnic lunch before arriving at the ferry building. The main items sold on the ferry are snacks such as chips, candy, ramen, bagels, burritos, and breakfast sandwiches. They also serve beer, wine, and sodas. Get creative with your picnic lunch! All good food tastes better after a day of kayaking. 😉

We do recommend bringing a few individually wrapped items such as an apple or granola bar to put in your PFD pocket for a snack break on the tour.

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