Advice from an Island Scrub Jay

While visiting Santa Cruz Island, you may have the unique opportunity to meet an island scrub jay, one of the Channel Island’s many endemic species.

Island Scrub Jay near Prisoners Harbor, photo by Dustin Harris

Island scrub jays are unique in that they are bluer and bigger than their mainland counterpart.

What really goes on inside an island scrub jay’s head? They may think:

“Why is my cousin on the mainland so much smaller and duller?”

“Has anybody seen my acorn?” “

Should I go obnoxiously squawk by the bathrooms for an hour?”

While we don’t really know what an island scrub jay is thinking, we have a few pretty good guesses about advice they might want to share with all those who visit the islands.

An island scrub jay sits perched on a lemonade berry bush on Santa Cruz Island.

1. Don’t look so blue…

2. Do hangout with scrubs

3. Scavenge for scraps, even bugs

4. Save up for your retirement –over-caching is key!

5. Play the “copy cat” game whenever possible

6. Make friends in high places

7. Embrace the island lifestyle

Island Scrub Jay in flight. Photo by Dustin Harris

Stay tuned for more Advice from the Island locals!

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